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Identity and data of the person in charge of Peleteria Luis Campoy

In compliance with Law 34/2002 of July 11 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Peleteria Luis Campoy SL, from now on Peleteria Luis Campoy informs that it is the owner of the website https://peleteriacampoy .is. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us by email: peleteriacampoy@peleteriacampoy.com .

Peleteria Luis Campoy wants to generate informative content and make it available to users in order to create channels of information, opinions, recommendations and collaboration.

User and object

The navigation, access, visualization and use of Peleteria Luis Campoy confers the condition of user, which means that by the user the express acceptance of all the conditions of use explained in this Legal Notice, established without prejudice to the corresponding application to the mandatory legal regulations. Including thus all the warnings or clauses established in the different sections according to the contracting, the use of services, the visualization of products, inscriptions, purchases or other sections.

The explained conditions of use regulate the rights and obligations of Peleteria Luis Campoy, as well as of the users in question to access the website and its sections, its navigation and its use. Peleteria Luis Campoy informs the user that it reserves the right to modify, without prior notice to the user, the content of this legal notice, taking into account that the one published at the time of navigation by Peleteria Luis will always be valid. Campoy.

Peleteria Luis Campoy provides a wide variety of content (information, services, data, etc). The user is responsible for the proper use of Peleteria Luis Campoy, such as:

  • The user is responsible for and guarantees the veracity and legality of the information provided by the same in the different forms present in Peleteria Luis Campoy, in order to access all the content or services that we offer.
  • As a user of Peleteria Luis Campoy, you are obliged to use the information, services or data that we offer is not contradictory to what is established in this legal notice, the Law, morality, good customs or public order, or if in any way may involve injury to the rights of third parties or the operation of Peleteria Luis Campoy.
  • These conditions of use also oblige the user not to carry out advertising activities or commercial exploitation by sending communications that use a false identity.

If the user does not agree with these conditions established here, the user must refrain from browsing, accessing and using the services of Peleteria Luis Campoy, proceeding to leave the web.

In any case, Peleteria Luis Campoy reserves the right to terminate, suspend, interrupt or any other event that affects the website at any time, without the obligation or need to notify the user in advance of access to the website. , its contents or services, without the option or possibility that the user may demand any type of compensation.

Access to the website, link policy

Peleteria Luis Campoy is not responsible for the content of the websites that the user can access through the links established on this website, declaring that in no case will it proceed to examine or exercise any type of control over the content of other sites of the net. As well as, Peleteria Luis Campoy is exclusively responsible for the website itself as a provider of information services, its services or services with third parties, but without being responsible for the contents that the user may send or publish, being the user the only responsible , guaranteeing the veracity and legality of the same.

Peleteria Luis Campoy will not guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, veracity, validity or legality of sites other than Peleteria Luis Campoy or that are accessible through links.

Peleteria Luis Campoy recommends the previous reading of the conditions of use or legal notices, privacy policies, cookies or similar of these sites outside Peleteria Luis Campoy.

Peleteria Luis Campoy reserves the right to be able to interrupt the service it offers if it is being used by the user and immediately terminate the relationship with the user if it suspects or detects a use of the website or its services contrary to what set forth in these Terms of Use.

Peleteria Luis Campoy also informs the user that the services offered and the use of the website are limited to users over 18 years of age; It is reported that Peleteria Luis Campoy is not responsible for determining what information, content or service is not appropriate for minors, these are exclusively under the responsibility and charge of users of legal age. Peleteria Luis Campoy presumes that in the event that a minor accesses the page or provides data in any form available on the website, it has been done with the prior authorization, supervision of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, Peleteria Luis Campoy reserves the right to carry out verifications, verifications or others that it deems necessary based on this fact.

Peleteria Luis Campoy informs the user that it will take all reasonable precautions established by law, to avoid any damage to the users of Peleteria Luis Campoy, which may arise from browsing the same web page. Thus, we inform that Peleteria Luis Campoy is not responsible, in any case, for any possible damages that the user may suffer from browsing the Internet. Just as it will not be responsible for the veracity of the data provided by users, each user is exclusively responsible for the fact that this information provided to Peleteria Luis Campoy is adequate, truthful, updated and accurate, or otherwise, for those consequences that may derive from the lack of quality, veracity and precision of these data.


Peleteria Luis Campoy reserves the right to make modifications or changes that it deems necessary/opportune, without prior notice, in the content of its website. These changes or modifications may affect the contents of the website, such as the conditions of use. These changes can be made through its website in any way admissible by law, thus being mandatory for as long as they are published on the website.

Changes in the conditions of use

All changes made in the conditions of use / legal notice will be notified to the users of Peleteria Luis Campoy, giving the user the opportunity to review it and agree to continue using Peleteria Luis Campoy.

Privacy and data protection policy

Thus, Peleteria Luis Campoy guarantees compliance with current regulations on the protection of personal data, established in Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPD GDD), all This is provided in the PRIVACY POLICY that the user must expressly accept beforehand to provide personal data through the different forms found in Peleteria Luis Campoy.

In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection regulations, Peleteria Luis Campoy informs the user that the data provided will be incorporated into the treatment system owned by Peleteria Luis Campoy with email peleteriacampoy@peleteriacampoy.com for more information do not hesitate to contact us through the email provided), with the aim of facilitating, speeding up and complying with the clauses established between both parties.

Peleteria Luis Campoy reminds the user that the processing of their data is legitimized by their consent. As well as we inform that we will treat the data provided in a lawful, loyal, transparent, adequate, confidential, limited, exact and updated manner.

In accordance with the rights conferred by current regulations on the user in relation to data protection, they may exercise their rights of access, rectification or limitation of treatment, as well as suspension, portability or opposition to the processing of their personal data as previously given consent for their treatment; for this you must inform Peleteria Luis Campoy via email peleteriacampoy@peleteriacampoy.com .

Intellectual and industrial property

Peleteria Luis Campoy is the owner of all the intellectual and industrial property rights of its website, including all of its texts, images, graphics, sound, video, software, logos, buttons, software, texts, trademarks, color combinations, structure and design, selection of materials used, computer programs necessary for its operation, access and use, organization and presentation of its contents, etc; All of this is owned by Peleteria Luis Campoy. Everything is protected by the laws of Intellectual and Industrial Property, its reproduction, distribution, use, public communication or modification, of all or part of the contents of this web page, for commercial purposes, in any medium and by any technical means, for which the prior authorization of Peleteria Luis Campoy is required. In any case, the Spanish and community regulations regarding Intellectual Property will be applicable.

The user agrees to the correct use of Peleteria Luis Campoy and to respect the rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property. You are allowed to view the elements of the portal and even print, copy and save them on your device’s hard drive as long as it is for your sole and exclusive personal and private use. The user is prohibited from deleting, altering, manipulating or similar, any protection device or security system that may be installed in Peleteria Luis Campoy.

Peleteria Luis Campoy informs the user that it does not guarantee that the contents are accurate or that they do not contain errors or the fact that the free use of the contents by the user does not infringe the rights of third parties. The use of Peleteria Luis Campoy, correct or not, is exclusively under the responsibility of the user.

Lastly, remind the user that the reproduction, copying, assignment, redistribution, retransmission of all or part of the contents of this web page is totally prohibited, regardless of the purpose or the means used for it without prior authorization from Luis Campoy Fur Shop.

Limitation of liability

We inform the user that Peleteria Luis Campoy will not be directly or subsidiarily responsible for:

  • Data loss.
  • That for any internal or external reason the Peleteria Luis Campoy application stops working without prior notice.
  • The application can be closed at any time without warning, thus losing data. Peleteria Luis Campoy recommends the user to make backup copies through the system offered by the platform.
  • The quality of the service, the speed of access and navigation through the web page, the correct functioning of the page.
  • Eventual damages that may be caused to the user’s device by the use of the page.
  • Given the event that a third party, bypassing and breaking the established security measures, may access the messages or use them to send computer viruses.
  • The vices, errors or defects of any kind that may be found in the published, transmitted, disseminated or stored content of Peleteria Luis Campoy.
  • The legality, veracity, accuracy, reliability and use of the information and content that users transmit or share with the use of Peleteria Luis Campoy or the services it offers. Peleteria Luis Campoy does not establish any control over users or the use they make of the website, nor does it guarantee that they do so in accordance with the provisions of these conditions of use.

Website Availability

Although Peleteria Luis Campoy has taken the utmost care in preparing the website, there are certain external agents, beyond our control, Peleteria Luis Campoy cannot guarantee that access to the website will be available at all times.

The user will be responsible (apart from those mentioned in the user and object section) for:

  • The information provided by them, such as data entered and sent to parabiajar.info through the established forms or the website.
  • In the event that the user acts on the pages of third parties illegally, or his action is harmful to rights, harmful or detrimental.
  • In the event that the user fails to comply with these or the aforementioned, it may lead to the consequence of adopting adequate measures protected by Law and in the exercise of their rights or obligations, by Peleteria Luis Campoy, we reserve the right to be able to eliminate or block the account of the user who has failed to comply with any of the obligations, and for this reason there will be no possibility of any compensation for the damages caused.

Cookies policy

In accordance with the current regulations on the use of cookies, the use of these will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the COOKIES POLICY of Peleteria Luis Campoy, it is understood that all users must read, accept and/or limit during navigation as It is expressly indicated in the message or banner of Peleteria Luis Campoy about cookies and the additional information on the use of cookies in Peleteria Luis Campoy. As mentioned in this policy, the user is free to limit or deny the use of cookies from their browser options.

Legal Actions, Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Peleteria Luis Campoy reserves the right to file civil or criminal actions if they are considered appropriate for the improper or incorrect use of Peleteria Luis Campoy and its information and/or content, or for the infraction of the conditions established herein.

The relationship between the user and Peleteria Luis Campoy will be governed by the regulations in force and applicable in Spanish territory. In the event that any dispute arises between the parties, they may submit their conflicts to arbitration or go to the ordinary jurisdiction in compliance with the rules on jurisdiction and competence, submitted to the courts and tribunals of Barcelona, Spain.

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